Man And Trees – Paragraph Writing

Man And Trees – Paragraph Writing

Points: [ Importance of trees and plants – gifts of trees – oxygen, primary food, medicines, wood — prevent flood and drought – cool shade and pollution free environment — plantation of more trees makes the earth green. ]


The relationship between man and tree started since the inception of human civilisation. Human beings were reared up and nurtured by Mother Nature. But with the gradual march of urbanisation and industrialisation, this relationship has suffered a huge setback. Rapid deforestation is turning nature into a desert and man has become the victim of his own imprudence. Trees are necessary in the world as these provide living beings with two vital components-food and oxygen. Trees also absorb the harmful carbon dioxide gas and thus, make the air free from pollution. Apart from maintaining the ecological balance, trees are the constant companions of mankind. They provide us with fruits and flowers, shade and shower and everything that is good for us. The roots prevent soil erosion. Trees attract clouds which cause rainfall, thus preventing drought. They provide food and shelter to birds and animals. Trees also help to reduce global warming. Humans are benefitted by the primary food, medicines, paper and wood that are obtained from plants and trees. On a hot, sunny day, the cool shade of a tree soothes every soul. However late it is, the Government has launched various schemes and afforestation programmes to make our earth greener. Massive plantation programmes are adopted all around. Schools and other institutions have taken measures to instill the consciousness of the usefulness of trees among the young learners. Survival of mankind largely rests on making the world a greener place, by planting more trees.

Note: এই আর্টিকেলের ব্যাপারে তোমার মতামত জানাতে নীচে দেওয়া কমেন্ট বক্সে গিয়ে কমেন্ট করতে পারো। ধন্যবাদ।

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