It Is Better To Wear Out Than To Rust Out – Paragraph Writing

It Is Better To Wear Out Than To Rust Out – Paragraph Writing

Points : [ Life is action and not inactivity – the weak and timid people shrink back from the fight – true man prefers to wear himself out through work rather than enjoy a life of idleness and inaction. ]


The very common english proverb- “It is better to wear out than to rust out” has a very important message within it. It tells us that we should remain active and prefer to work than to succumb to idleness at old age. Life is to be filled with action instead of inactivity. Many people think that, during their old age, it is better to remain inactive and wait for death when the time comes. They start thinking about the life after death and whether they would be sent to heaven, as most elderly people believe in religious sayings. But, this mentality basically weakens one’s mental as well as physical strength. It is only the weak and timid people who shrink back from the battle of life at old age. But, the truly brave men prefer to wear themselves out through work instead of enjoying a life of idleness and inaction. One must continue indulging himself in different hobbies at old age in order to remain healthy. If the body stops working, it would become feeble and prone to diseases. Iron is a very useful metal but if it is kept unused, it rusts out, and becomes useless. Similarly, the body and mind of human beings, must be kept active in order to avoid getting rust out. The body and the mind, following nature’s rule, will itself wear out and finally will be diminished, with the course of time. There is no logic behind accelerating the process by becoming idle and inactive.

Note: এই আর্টিকেলের ব্যাপারে তোমার মতামত জানাতে নীচে দেওয়া কমেন্ট বক্সে গিয়ে কমেন্ট করতে পারো। ধন্যবাদ।

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