Importance Of Games And Sports – Paragraph Writing

Importance Of Games And Sports – Paragraph Writing


life is undeniable. Games and sports have always been considered an essential part of the complete education. But the progress of science and technology, modern lifestyle, the ever increasing demands in a materialistic world have taken away games and sports from the lives of today’s young generation. Nowadays, kids have taken to computer games and the pressure of studies have forced the children to turn their faces away from the playground. But the guardians and the educationists should encourage students to take part in games and sports. It not only develops physical fitness, but also widens the mental horizon. It also develops fellow-feeling and teaches one the spirit of co-operation and zeal to win over all odds. The sportsman spirit teaches one the important lesson to fight the adversities of life and to accept triumph or defeat in life in the same way.

Note: এই আর্টিকেলের ব্যাপারে তোমার মতামত জানাতে নীচে দেওয়া কমেন্ট বক্সে গিয়ে কমেন্ট করতে পারো। ধন্যবাদ।

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